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Saakshar Duggal has authored a book entitled “CYBERCRIMES DURING COVID-19 & LEGAL ISSUES IN INDIA“.

Covid-19 has seen a global increase in cybercrimes. India has been no exception to this rule. We have seen massive increase in cybercrimes in India. This book seeks to track, examine and analyze the massive growth of cybercrimes in the Indian context.

This book has looked at how cybercrime as a phenomenon has evolved during Covid-19 and what kind of new approaches and strategies that cyber criminals are adopting in order to cheat people. Given the huge population of India, the numbers of Indians being made a victim of cybercrime are growing with each passing day.

This book also looks at the existing legal frameworks in India pertaining to fighting cybercrimes, their inadequacy and provides ways and steps going forward that India as a nation need to adopt to fight the growing menace of cybercrimes.

This book is of value to every stakeholder who is interested in Cybercrime and who is studying cybercrime related aspects as also lawyers, students, law enforcement agencies and their officers.